March 12, 2020


We live in a world riddled with lies, betrayal, mischief and deceit. Based on the value placed on mobile devices as well as the over reliance on it for processing information, one may have to consider hacking it so as to gather digital evidence. There are many reasons why someone may need to track or spy on another’s phone. It could be the husband tracking the wife, the wife tracking the husband, an employer trying to monitor an employee and e.t.c.What ever reason it is, we can assure you that we would only be recommending to you the best among the best phone tracker app without permission.

The importance of having to track one’s phone cannot be looked. Although this apps can be invasive when in the wrong hands, it can also be a life saver at the same time. We have had several reasons to glorify these apps especially in testimonies such as

  • That of a man who was able to track his daughter kidnapped by a sexual predator. By employing one of these apps, he was able to uncover the location of the kidnapper thereby bringing his daughter to safety.
  • That of a woman who uncovered her husband’s desire to kill her so he could marry another wife. In this case, the woman was only suspicious of her husband cheating and this suspicion led her to install a phone tracking app on his mobile device, only to discover he was contracting someone to get rid of her.






There are a lot of android phone trackers out there, but flexispy is more powerful. Flexispy works on all devices ( android, ios and computers). flexispy spy works when installed on the device by taking complete control of the device letting you know everything that happens on the device regardless of your location. Download flexispy Flexispy is very useful for android  devices in the following areas;



Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission For Wives



Infidelity is the biggest fear in most romantic relationships and even in friendships. Nobody wants to be deceived. Also Nobody wants to be lied to. The thought of being cheated on is enough for someone to go crazy. People have been known to harm themselves and even commit suicide as a result of disloyalty especially when they have given all they had in the relationship. If one could know the trustworthiness of a man, one may not have have invested so much in the relationship, hence, averting the consequential thought of being used.



Using flexispy to catch cheating husband 



With flexispy, wives can track all activities on their husband’s phone; from text messages, to calls, to social media, and instant messaging apps, flexispy can be reliable.



Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission For Husbands 



The issue of Spousal loyalty is the most frequented problem suffered by a husband in a marriage. Life feels very uneasy for men who can’t trust their wives. The thought of one’s wife cheating is as dangerous as even the most severe of illnesses. People with infidelity issues find it very difficult to function properly in the society.

They feel less confident, sore, regretful, uncomfortable and even go through depression. After the continuous battle with infidelity, men are even known to  become aggressive and often agitate. It even gets to a level that they look down on their partner so much that they feel any man, regardless of how rich, or how poor , fine or ugly can have their way with their wife. The essence of this app for husbands is to eliminate the continuous battle  with infidelity by confirming if truly their wife is cheating through cheating proof



Best Phone Tracker App for parental control




You do not have to worry about what your child does on the phone with mspy.  Mspy is so powerful that with it, you can monitor everything your child does on his or her phone without having to touch it whenever you need access.



Best smartphone  Tracker For  An employee



Sometimes monitoring an employee, can be as important as employing them in the first place. There are various kind of people in the world. Some with good intentions and some with bad, and it is therefore dangerous to work with them without having to put an eye on them.

To monitor your employee, all you have to do is install flexispy on their company owned android device. And by doing this, you should be able to monitor everything they do on the devices without having to access the device.



 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission For Iphones



Mspy is the best phone tracker app without permission for ios devices.  With mspy, you can remotely monitor and view all sent, received or deleted SMS, calls, GPS location and routes, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Viber, Skype, Telegram and other apps, web browsing history and other data on any Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad! With mspy, you can easily monitor almost all activities carried out on the phone. It is very useful for child monitoring, employee monitoring, spousal monitoring and e.t.c



Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission To Catch A Cheating Wife



We understand how difficult life can be for men who are suspicious of their wife cheating, but do you know that with mspy, you can easily intercept all incoming and outgoing messages, monitor all incoming and out going calls, spy on all social media accounts including all instant messaging apps, retrieve deleted messages and even spy on gallery of your wife?

By installing mspy and paying for one of it’s packages, it’s would only be a matter of time before you discover the evidence needed by you regarding your wife’s faithfulness.



Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission To Catch  A Cheating Husband



If you are in dire need of proof to catch your cheating husband? Worry not. Mspy is known to be useful and easy for women to catch their cheating husband, or at least confirming their curiosity.



Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission To Catch a Cheating girlfriend or boyfriend



Kindly note that you can make use of one of mspy  or  flexispy to catch your cheating boyfriend or girlfriend


App to track a phone without them knowing:




There are various apps to track a phone without them knowing but we will be recommending flexispy as it has been known to be reliable for a long period.



Gps phone tracker: 



Flexispy is also a very good gps phone tracker. flexispy can give you the gps location of the person you want to monitor.



Free phone tracker:

people  are usually in search of free phone tracker, but it should be noted that mot free tools  in life are usually not as efficient as the paid ones. with even the spy apps that offer free monitoring service, you would most likely be requested to upgrade in order to enjoy a meaningful service.

For those looking for a free spy app to use, you can try the fonemonitor monitoring app.

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