Signs Of Cheating

Signs of Cheating: Easy Ways to Know and Catch a Cheater

The possibility that one’s spouse or partner will cheat is always there. Some even see it as human nature. What makes a spouse to cheat on their partner is something we cannot really explain. The most probable explanation is that human needs and wants are insatiable. In fact, spouses who are known to be in a loving and happy relationship still cheat on their partners. Not only that, spouses who gets all the goodies and stuffs anyone will want from a relationship or marriage such as good sex, money, love, attention, care e.t.c., still end up cheating.

Cheating is not a gender specific occurrence as both sexes have an equal chance of cheating in a relationship or union. The issue of cheating is far more prevalent than most people think but since most people don’t get caught, it then becomes easy to assume that the incidences of cheating only occurs in few relationships or marriages. And even when caught, most partners decide to forgive their spouse or keep mum about it, rather than make it public. .

Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

There are numerous signs your wife could be cheating. Some are easily noticeable while others require closer inspection to discern if they are cheating. If your wife is cheating, there would mostly likely be signs although some people have been known to be poor at decoding such signs. It is very important to know if someone’s wife is cheating as the failure to do so may result in wasting too much time committing to an undeserving partner. There are many signs to look out for to be able to decipher if one’s wife is cheating. Some of these signs are discussed below. .

She Is Usually Curious About Your Whereabouts

Cheating wives are often known to be overly interested in their husband’s locations so as not to be busted, especially if she is seeing someone who stays close to her residence. A cheating wife won’t want her husband to know she is seeing another man especially when she brings the man to her home, so she is likely to monitor her husband’s whereabouts so as to avoid being caught in the act. .

She Becomes Very Uncomfortable With You Handling Her Phone

It is a no brainer that a cheating spouse would often communicate with whoever he or she is seeing. So if you notice that your wife always hold on to her phone as if her life depends on it, then you need to probe further as she might be worried you might pick up her phone and see what she has been up to. There are usually footprints on a cheating wife’s phone suggesting or pointing to infidelity and it is expected that she will do her best not to let her guards down so as to prevent you from having access to her phone.’’ .

She Suddenly Changes the Password to Her Phone

A cheating wife will most likely change the password to her phone to prevent being caught. By changing the password to her phone, she prevents any unauthorized access to her phone and also the possibility of her husband going through her phone, .

She Is Suddenly Nice to You

Cheating wives are often known to be overly nice to their husbands. The sense of guilt makes it almost impossible for them to be their normal selves and they constantly feel the need to make up for the wrong they have done or are doing to their husbands. .

She Tells You to Try New Things

If a woman tells you to try new stuffs in bed, that could be a sign she is cheating on you. It’s possible that she enjoyed an experience with the person she is seeing and wants you to explore that with her also. Women who often say their partners are boring and requests for changes might be sleeping with someone else and that explains the sudden complaints since they are now comparing you with the other guy. .

She Clears Some of Her Chats

If your partner is fond of clearing his or her chats, that might suggest they are trying to hide something from you. Why else will they be clearing their chats if their hands are clean? Chats often contain information that might offer clues whether a spouse or wife is cheating and failure to get rid of such information might result in such information being revealed to the partner. .

She Receives Strange Calls

Cheating wives are often known to receive strange calls from people you don’t know. If your wife receives calls from men you have never heard of, then it is possible she is cheating. .

She Treats You More Like a Friend than a Lover

At this point, she is beginning to feel less of you as a husband, and perceives you more as a friend than a husband. .

She Avoids Specific Restaurants

A cheating wife may avoid specific restaurants because she may have previously visited the location with another man and visiting there again, especially with you could make her feel uncomfortable as there often risks associated with that. .

Physical Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

She becomes more mindful of her look.

She comes back from work all sweaty and rough .

She often comes home tired.

She can’t look you directly in the eye.

She becomes less interested in sex.

Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

Reduction in sex drive: A cheating husband is most likely to be less attracted to his wife since he sees someone else and is more attracted to this person. .

Attitude towards his phone: Cheating husbands are known to be possessive of their phones. They would most likely not let their wife touch their phones. .

Always texting: A cheating husband would usually text more on his phone. You would notice him developing more interests towards texting and communicating via his phone. The only way for men to communicate when they are not physically with who they are having an affair with is to continue the communication via mobile phone since there is no other way. .

Suddenly starts coming home late at night: One of the signs you would also notice about a cheating husband is that, he’ll start staying out late at night. A cheating husband may not have the time to see whoever they are having an extra marital affair with during working hours and the only opportunity that may be available to him would most likely be for him to see her after closing hours. .

Female beautifiers on him: One of the frequent signs that a man could be cheating is through the observation of female beautification products on him. Cheating men usually have very close contact with who they are having an affair with and it is almost impossible for these beautification products not to be directly transferred to his body. You may notice lipstick on his lips and clothes, notice make-ups on their clothes, and also perceive the scent of female perfumes. .

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

There is no need to discuss this since the same signs that are exhibited by a husband are similar to that of a boyfriend. .

Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

The signs exhibited by a cheating girlfriend are the same with that of a wife so there would be no need to discuss a cheating girlfriend since we already discussed about the signs of a cheating wife. .

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